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Wastewater Sanitation Services 

The Sewage and Wastewater Services program of the Pauma Valley Community Services District (PVCSD) was authorized in 1969. This authorization provided for the installation and maintenance of several miles of sewage collection pipelines.  Additionally, this included installing, operating, and maintaining facilities to treat and dispose of sewage and waste.

The Sewage and Wastewater Services program has over 400 service connections, 144 manholes, and 4 economically efficient wastewater pumping stations that convey wastewater from one elevation to another.  The sewer system ultimately discharges all wastewater flow into the Wastewater Treatment Plant for efficient and effective waste management that the State Water Resources Control Board highly regulates via the District's Notice of Applicability.  

Vital components of the program include:

  • Regular video inspections and cleanings of the underground pipelines
  • Back-up generators in the event of electrical outages
  • Enhanced wastewater treatment plant facilities
  • Active sewer system management program with the help of Carollo, a professional engineering consulting firm.