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District Map

Pauma Valley Community Services District

The Pauma Valley Community Services District (CSD) provides wastewater and security services within the unincorporated north county community of Pauma Valley.

The District, which includes approximately 1,445 acres, provides services to 408 homes, a golf center, a school, a small commercial area, and limited numbers of agricultural customers. Approximately half of the territory within the CSD is undeveloped.

The Pauma Valley CSD was formed in 1961 to collect, treat, and dispose of locally generated wastewater. The District operates a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 150,000 gallons per day (gpd). An average flow of 75,000 gpd of treated effluent is percolated through district infiltration ponds.

In 1996, the Pauma Valley CSD was authorized to provide security services as a latent power; activation of the latent power was subsequently confirmed by CSD voters. Security services involve guard and patrol services, and vehicle traffic control. Security services are funded exclusively through monthly service charges.

A map showing the boundaries and Sphere of Influence of Pauma Valley CSD.