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About Us

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About Pauma Valley Community Services District

Community Services Districts were initially authorized by the State of California in 1955 as a form of independent local government to provide a variety of services in unincorporated areas of a county. When residents and property owners in an unincorporated area desire public services which would promote the public safety, health, and welfare of the community, they can form a special district.

The Pauma Valley Community Services District (PVCSD) was created in 1961, through California government Code §61000, to specifically provide for the collection, treatment, and disposal of locally generated wastewater. In 1996, PVCSD was authorized by the San Diego County Local Agency Formation Commission ("LAFCO") to provide security services as a latent power. Activation of the latent power was subsequently confirmed by a vote of the PVCSD constituents.

The Pauma Valley Community Services District currently provides the following services:

  • Security and Patrol Services
  • Gate Access Services for Pauma Valley Country Club Estates
  • Sewer and Wastewater Services

Under its enabling act, Pauma Valley Community Services District can provide many other municipal services when requested by its residents, property owners, and businesses and when authorized by its Board of Directors and approved by the LAFCO.

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