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Roland Skumawitz

Position: President 
Term: Appointed:  March 2022  •  Term Expires:  December 2024 
A smiling man with grey hair in a blue shirt, with a blurred green background.

Mr. Skumawitz holds a master's degree in public administration from USC and a Bachelor of Science degree in social studies from Cal Poly Pomona. He has 35 years of experience in education, with 19 years of service as a superintendent of the Romoland School District.

While superintendent Mr. Skumawitz worked closely with Eastern Municipal Water District on projects involving the school district. In the years of actively working in the public sector, he had the good fortune of serving in a variety of roles including; Board President of Sycamore Academy Board, a Charter School, in which he is currently serving his 6th year as President.

Besides having served the public through education, Mr. Skumawitz contributes to the local community by participating on the HOA 1 Board, currently as the Treasurer, Member of the Temecula Chamber of Commerce, and Rancho California Water District board.