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  • Are you affiliated with the Rancho Pauma Mutual Water Company (RPMWC), and can I call the District office for any assistance regarding my water or billing with water?
    • No, RPMWC is a separate entity that we are not affiliated with, and therefore cannot provide any assistance.  For any and all items pertaining to RPMWC or your water service, please visit: 
  • Are you affiliated with any Homeowners Associations (HOA's) within the District?
    • No, the District is not affiliated with any of the HOA's throughout the District.  For more information regarding your HOA, please get in touch with the appropriate HOA representative associated with your area.
  • Are you affiliated with the Pauma Valley Roadway Association (PVRA)?  
    • No, however, the District has recently engaged in discussions with the PVRA regarding how the District might be able to facilitate some of its core business operations, but the District is a separate entity from the PVRA.
  • Are you affiliated with the Pauma Valley Country Club (PVCC)?
    • No, the District is a separate governmental entity but we do collaborate with the PVCC in order to render better service to the community. 
  • How can I share my feedback, concerns, or questions with the District?
    • Visit the "Contact us" page and we will respond as quickly as we can.  
    • Additionally, we encourage you to attend a District Board meeting in the event you'd like to learn more about what your Community Services District is currently working on.